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Adolf Busch

The Adolf Busch Award was named after the great German violinist Adolf Busch, who was the one of the first international celebrities to denounce the Nazi regime. Though not Jewish himself, Busch took an unwavering and public stand and in many ways sacrificed one of the great musical careers of the early 20th century by doing so.


We urge anyone applying for this award to learn more about this great man and musician. His courage was considerable, and we look for organizations who in some manner display courage in their work. 


Adolf Busch's Legacy

Adolf Busch was a great German violinist and composer, as well as one of the most respected musicians in Europe in the early 20th century. When the Nazi Party cam into power in Germany, Busch was among the first prominent figures to denounce Hitler and his actions, and certainly one of the first non-Jewish people to do so.

Busch left Germany in 1927 and repudiated the country entirely in 1933, ignoring repeated entreaties from the German government to return. He eventually emigrated to the United States, where he continued to perform and became one of the founders of the Marlboro Music Festival. Although his decision to leave Germany in many ways compromised what could have been a nearly unparalleled career, he courageously defended what he considered to be the morally correct course of action.

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