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The Adolf Busch Award celebrates outstanding achievements that creatively and courageously promote a more civil and just society through music. Though the majority of submissions will be broadly related to education and performance, other activities will also be accepted.


Organizations that have surmounted significant obstacles to implementation, or who have demonstrated courage in the face of challenges posed are the ideal candidates.

Eligibility Requirements

We look for organizations that:

  • Focus on nurturing the musical and leadership skills of individuals

  • Focus on systemically disenfranchised segments of the population

  • Engage in grassroots initiatives that promote a pluralistic and equitable society

  • Demonstrate a unique and thoughtful approach to the issues they address

  • Demonstrate a meaningful organizational maturation since inception

  • Show a rejection of the status quo and a willingness to shape a response to systemic issues in a challenging environment

Areas Not Funded

  • Music therapy

  • Funding for individual compositions or a specific performance

  • Programs that are exclusively state funded

  • Religious activities or projects that serve the doctrine of specific denominations

  • Political lobbying, political campaigns or legislative activities

  • Endowment campaigns

  • Organizations that are grantors themselves

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