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2024 ABA Recipients

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the 2024 Adolf Busch Award. 


As always, this was an enormously difficult process, as so many organizations are doing valuable and impactful work. However, at the top of the list this year was Musicopia, and specifically the West Powelton Drummers. We were moved by the passion of the leaders of this organization, and the intense socioeconomic challenges their participants face each day. 


Also recognized was Project Step, which seeks to level the playing field in classical music by providing talented minorities with  comprehensive and long term musical training. As classical music seeks to be more inclusive, programs such as this will ensure that young people with less means have the same training opportunities as those more economically advantaged. 


Finally, we are recognizing the work of Keys 2 Success which operates in Newark, NJ, providing disadvantaged children with free piano lessons, and the Teaching Artists Training Institute , part of the Miami Music Project, which has a professional music training program for those teachers who want to have an impact in marginalized communities. 


Congratulations to all of this year’s winners, and our deepest appreciation to all of those doing such valuable work making the world a bit better through the power of music. 

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