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2021 Adolf Busch Award Recipient

Updated: Aug 19, 2023

We are delighted to announce that the David’s Harp Foundation has been named the recipient of the 2021 Adolf Busch Award. The award was bestowed on them based on the stellar work that they are focused on, and their immeasurable impact on their community. The David’s Harp Foundation began in founder Brandon Steppe’s garage. The goal was to provide music production opportunities for underprivileged and incarcerated youth in San Diego. After witnessing the positive changes in people’s lives, David’s Harp transitioned into a larger studio location to serve more youth. The organization currently works in their studio for after-school sessions and workshops, but also moves around the city with their ‘backpack studios’ to bring the power of music into prisons, schools and foster/shelter homes. Given the number of extraordinary and impactful organizations that applied this year, we are also awarding Music Haven with a $5,000 award. Music Haven provides tuition-free music education to children in New Haven, Connecticut. Students from partnering schools will arrive via bus after school to begin their music training. Students sign an eight year contract as a way to develop long-term relationships through music and community. Music Haven builds listening, collaboration and communication skills in their students, along with a knowledge of music theory and history. As a result of this commitment to music education, 100% of students have continued onto college. We are deeply moved by the inspiring work done by both the David’s Harp Foundation and Music Haven/ Furthermore, we are humbled by the work that all of our applicants provide to their communities and look forward to reviewing familiar and new organizations in the future.
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